Pubdate: Tue, 29 May 2001
Source: Times Record (ME)
Copyright: 2001 Times Record Inc., ASC Inc
Author: Kevin Nelson


To the editor:

Joseph Manhardt wonders which state will write back with a 
carefully-crafted letter to question his analysis of medical marijuana (May 
24, "Pot hardly a wonder drug"). In this case it is Washington State.

I read his letter on a Web site called the Media Awareness Project at As of this writing, MAP has posted 58,813 drug-war related 
articles from newspapers, magazines and journals all over the world. The 
Web site is updated with new articles many times a day. Anyone with an 
interest in drug policy can get various perspectives from publications in 
Ireland, Thailand, Jamaica, Iran, Great Britain, Colombia and, yes, Bath, 

Each article contains a link to the Web site of the original published 
work, as well as a link to respond with a letter to the editor, hence my 
letter right now. MAP "globalizes" local papers. I'll bet that it is the 
number one reason why out-of-state people are responding.

I encourage all interested readers to check out, read a 
variety of articles from around the world and draw their own conclusions.

Freedom has nothing to fear from the truth.

Kevin Nelson
Bow, WA
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MAP posted-by: Beth