Pubdate: Wed, 30 May 2001
Source: Oakland Tribune (CA)
Copyright: 2001 MediaNews Group, Inc. and ANG Newspapers
Author: Clyde E. Albert
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I HAVE a question: how do we penalize members of Congress and the Supreme Court for practicing
medicine without a license? From the statement made by Justice Clarence Thomas in his written
opinion on the court's unanimous 8-0 decision on the subject, they've all set themselves up as
medical experts. 

I must admit that I don't have a lot of personal information about members of Congress or the
court, so perhaps someone can tell me how many of them are licensed physicians. Yet Thomas, in his
infinite wisdom, states that Congress has determined that there are no medically justifiable uses
for marijuana. 

I have seen nothing stating the basis for this determination. Who did their research? Where are
their facts? 

It appears that we have a new version of Three Strikes when it comes to medical care -- the
insurance companies, the Congress and now the United States Supreme Court. To paraphrase the
Apollo-13 crew: America, "We have a problem." 

Clyde E. Albert, Hayward
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