Pubdate: Wed, 16 May 2001
Source: The Southeast Missourian (MO)
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Author: Vern Davidson


To the editor:

Industrial hemp is a possible tool to boost our nation's agricultural 
richness 10 thousandfold. It is a raw material which has endless uses such 
as clothing, lubricants, bio-friendly cleaning agents, shampoos and 

Although American retailers spend billions each year for hemp-based 
products, industrial hemp is illegal to grow in our country because of 
outdated taboos and laws surrounding cannabis containing 
tetrahydrocannibinol (known as THC). While industrial hemp does contain 
trace amounts of THC, the amount is so minimal it is useless as a medium 
for drug use.

Currently lawmakers are looking to raise cigarette taxes by yet another 17 
percent to encourage farmers to grow other crops. This method has failed to 
work in the past and will continue to fail. The cost of medical treatment 
for cigarette-related illness rises along with the cost of cigarettes.

It's time to look at the other possibilities. Industrial hemp could very 
well be the answer.

Vern Davidson

Scott City, Mo
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