Pubdate: Mon, 14 May 2001
Source: Guardian, The (Canada)
Copyright: 2001 The Guardian, Charlottetown Guardian Group Incorporated
Author: Jeff Daley



On the morning of May 5, 2001, a protest march took place here in
Charlottetown. This march was part of a Canada wide campaign of
political protest on an issue that started slowly, but is gaining
momentum and support nationwide.

I am curious as to why there was no coverage of this event by the
local media. Both the local TV and newsprint media are quick to cover
other such protests regardless of their size.

Was their decision not to cover the march an indication that they have
chosen sides? Is it not the place of media to be neutral and quick to
cover any topic that is of public and political interest and concern?

I was not personally involved myself. I was not even at the march, but
I am a supporter of the issue - the issue being whether or not our
country should follow others in legalizing marijuana. If the media
outlets think that they are doing the general public a favour by
trying to hide the issue, they are not. This is not an issue that is
going to go away. We have to deal with it, and the timing could not be
better considering our federal government is now in the process of
setting up avenues of supply and distribution.

Jeff Daley,
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