Pubdate: Sat, 12 May 2001
Source: Aldergrove Star (CN BC)
Copyright: 2001, Central Fraser Valley Star Publishing Ltd.
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A woman found on the roadway, bound and beaten, was the latest of 
three victims in attacks against persons at marijuana grow-ops in 
Langley in less than a year.

The 32 year old woman was found with her hands bound, near 200 Street 
and 24 Avenue, at 11:15 pm on Thursday, May 3. She was found by a 
passing motorist, and had been beaten at a nearby residence.

She was taken to Langley Memorial Hospital, with what were described 
as non life threatening injuries. She has since been transferred to 
Vancouver General Hospital, where she is being treated for facial 
injuries, while police continue their search for the attackers.

Police found the remains of a grow-op at the residence, and they have 
determined that the female victim was a "caretaker" of the grow-op. 
She was assaulted by two men in a home invasion style attack, and she 
was tied up while the assailants "harvested" the marijuana crop.

"For those who continue to think of this as a 'low-risk, high-gain' 
enterprise, perhaps it's time for a second look," said RCMP Cpl. 
Garry Begg. "This is criminal commerce, pure and simple, with the 
emphasis on the criminal. As well as the dangers of fire and 
electrocution from shoddy and overloaded electrical wiring, and being 
caught by the authorities, you can now add being seriously beaten, 
even if you're a woman."
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