Pubdate: Sun, 06 May 2001
Source: Northwest Florida Daily News (FL)
Copyright: 2001 Northwest Florida Daily News
Author: Keith Sanders


Thank you for publishing Clark Hosmer's insightful letter ("To end the 
war," May 3), which I encountered on the Internet, about the miserable 
failures of America's War on (Certain) Drugs.

The use of ever more violent, arbitrary and unconstitutional law 
enforcement tactics in the drug war - as well as the explosion of gang 
activity in our cities, and increasing corruption in government and law 
enforcement - are painful reminders of the failure of alcohol Prohibition.

In the end, Americans decided that it was better to handle the societal 
problem of alcohol abuse through regulated markets, education and treatment 
than by creating a black market and handing it over to a bunch of heavily 
armed thugs like Al Capone.

Isn't it about time we considered a similar change in our policy toward 
other drugs?


Oakland, Calif.
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