Pubdate: Fri, 04 May 2001
Source: Essex Courier (UK)
Copyright: 2001 Essex Courier
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Author: Don Barnard


Dear Editor

WHY has drug use increased in every city, town and village? Almost
certainly because we are doing something really wrong

In 1998, Drug Tsar Hellawell, said parents must do more to help with
the war - will our way of dealing with drugs ever change?

Who is benefiting the most from this war? Almost certainly uncaring
politicians, corrupt or uncaring  officials,  money-launderers, street
sellers, and other powerful sectors benefit from the war on drugs.

Including, police, Customs, the justice department, prison systems,
drug testing companies, and the web of services related to and
benefiting from the present system of control.

These  public sector beneficiaries have all greatly increased their
share of the public purse at the expense of basic services. They have
an interest in maintaining the status quo. They need drug dealers and
the war.

In fact, the amount of money expended on the war on drugs and related
services would probably fix the rail system, rebuild our highways,
health system, provide free tuition for all college and university
students and have some left over for pensioners.

Will the government ever be willing do something about this problem
and try something different, something compassionate, something
sensible - like striking all reference to cannabis from the Misuse of
drugs Act 1971 and the drug war will become a pillow fight.

Don Barnard
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