Pubdate: Wed,  2 May 2001
Source: Record, The (CA)
Copyright: 2001 The Record
Author: Boyd Nelson
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I watched a TV show about the big deal the government has made out of
marijuana. The nation passed a law, even before the substance was
analyzed, making it almost a felony. 

Every year, 430,000 people die in the United States from smoking
tobacco, but nothing was mentioned about that. There is no record of
anyone dying from smoking marijuana. Lots of people are using it because
it helps them cope with the rigors of life. 

Here's a guy with a problem, so he decides to go to the bar and gulp a
few shots of whiskey. One of my friends uses marijuana. I asked him what
it did for him. He said it's like taking a shot of whiskey. So it's
legal for the guy at the bar to drink all he can hold. There are no
legal ramifications unless he goes out and runs over somebody. To me,
this is all stupid; what do you think? 

The TV show said half the people in prison are there for marijuana use
or sale. Many of these cases cause the breakup of homes, leaving teens
on the outside who will hate laws of any kind. And our crime rate goes
up more. 

There must be a better way; this stinks. I'm hoping President Bush
resolves it. We are involved with overseas conflicts all the time; it
would be nice to have peace in our country.

Boyd Nelson, Acampo
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