Pubdate: Mon, 30 Apr 2001
Source: Ukiah Daily Journal (CA)
Copyright: 2001, Ukiah Daily Journal
Author: Ben Bendee
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To the editor:

This letter is for everyone that cares about their fellow human. The
purpose of my letter is to make everyone accept hemp for what it is: a
plant. Hemp has little to no THC in it. The only thing hemp does to a
person, when it is smoked, is give them a headache. So, how is this a
dangerous drug? The government has lied to us. They probably didn't have
to work hard at it either considering, the intellectual capacity of our
confused voters. The government operates by lying bureaucrats. Let's not
fool ourselves. Seek info about hemp. You can go to the Mendocino
Environmental Center across the street from the courthouse.

A good question is, why learn about hemp? I know I shouldn't tell you
what to do. But I will tell you what I have learned. Hemp is not
marijuana. Hemp has over a thousand uses. Hemp is one of the strongest
and longest fibers in the plant kingdom. Hemp can be used as fuel. It
can be harvested three times a year. Hemp is very durable, so it doesn't
need pesticides. And hemp can save the forests and shush the pesky

Our future is starting to come to a braking point. We have never in the
history of human kind, put so much stress on the earth. There are many
factors associated with the problems of the world. We have to start
solving these problems somewhere. My critic might say, "Hemp won't
change anything," and I would say in return, "Then what is the big deal?
If hemp doesn't change anything, we are back where we started. If hemp
is mass produced into those thousand uses; in return, we shall change,
grow and succeed."

Hemp is just one thing I want changed. Hemp is just a baby step to the
steps that are going to be taken. For example, when a baby learns how to
walk, first she needs something for support to stand. Then she takes her
first step and falls. But eventually, she becomes so strong, she wins a
gold medal in the Olympics for our country. That is the future of hemp
in the land of the free and the home of the brave. The fathers of our
country gave the people the power to doctrine themselves. The government
has systematically squeezed our freedom out from under our noses. Let's
unite peacefully and change things for the better. The biggest downfall
of this country is greed.

Have you ever thought what would happen if a third party candidate
became president? If you like the current system, keep voting for the
Democrats and Republicans. If you want to see some changes, vote for
your favorite third party candidate. President Bush is following the
rules of politics. Whoever helped him get into office is telling him
what to do now. The only thing he cares about is performing favors for

You should categorize yourself as one of these three kinds of people:
people who don't know what happened; people who watch things happen; and
people who make things happen.

Now is the perfect time to convert Masonite into a factory that produces
hemp products. Ukiah is a community that is understanding and woody.
This community could handle a hemp factory. It would restore jobs, help
the community and most importantly pioneer a future for hemp production.
Hemp could bring great wealth into this community.

Virginia Strom-Martin is pioneering the way for hemp production. She is
trying to pass a bill to legalize hemp production. Her address is in the
Daily Journal every day. Anyone can write to her about Masonite closing.
This is the perfect time to act.

Ben Bendee, Ukiah
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