Pubdate: Mon, 30 Apr 2001
Source: Hull Daily Mail (UK)
Copyright: 2001 Northcliffe Newspapers Group Ltd
Author: Carl Wagner, Legalise Cannabis Alliance


There is no doubt cannabis relieves the more distressing symptoms of 
multiple sclerosis. It has been proved by clinical trials and anecdotal 
evidence from people with MS and is now universally accepted.

However, the Government will continue to deny the medicinal benefits of 
cannabis until this "gift from God" can be placed in the hands of 
profit-driven pharmaceutical companies.

Medical science has long since relied on the motive of profit for progress. 
If a cure can't be sold for billions of pounds, there is no reason to do 

In plain English, cannabis is too cheap to be worthwhile. And in addition 
to replacing more expensive drugs, it cannot even be patented.

It is cruel, inhumane and immoral to deny sick people the right to 
effective medicine simply to protect the interests of corporate business.

The choice for many MS sufferers is simple: Buy our medicine, or use a 
natural plant and risk prosecution.

Who could possibly object to allowing prescribed cannabis to those who need it?

A patient who believes using cannabis will help him could ask his doctor 
for approval.

No patient would be compelled to use cannabis against his will and no 
doctor would be required to give approval if he didn't believe cannabis was 
a good therapy.

Wouldn't this be an altogether more civilised and humane way to treat the 
sick and needy?

Carl Wagner,
PPC Legalise Cannabis Alliance
North Hull
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