Pubdate: Thu, 19 Apr 2001
Source: Braintree and Witham Times (UK)
Copyright: 2001 Quicksilver Media
Author: Dan Barnard, Legalise Cannabis Alliance


Now, is the time for people to stand up and support legalising
cannabis. That is why the Legalise Cannabis Alliance are supporting
environmentalist Buster Nolan as PPC   to force the debate and clear
the smoky haze surrounding the cannabis hemp plant.

In 1999 Home Office Statistics 75,000 people were arrested for
Cannabis related offences. Why?

It is true some criminals also use cannabis, However the vast majority
of cannabis users are no different than their non-using peers.
Otherwise law-abiding citizens who use cannabis are not part of the
crime problem, and we must stop treating them like criminals.

If  you think that the laws controlling cannabis serves no legitimate
purpose I invite you to join a fun day in London on May 5th where
Buster and tens of thousands of like minded  people of all political
persuasions and religions will be voting with their feet by 'strolling
and partying' from Kennington Park to Brockwell Park for the annual
Cannabis March and Festival.

For more Festival information  visit:
Cannabis March and Festival. 5th May 2001

For transport info from Braintree contact: Don  324783

Don Barnard
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