Pubdate: Sun, 29 Apr 2001
Source: Nevada Appeal (NV)
Copyright: 2001 Nevada Appeal
Author: Lee Eisenstein, Watsonville, Calif. 
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Guy W. Farmer's states in his dishonest and morally repugnant piece,
"Nevada lawmakers tackle medical marijuana," that voters, "saddled state
lawmakers with a legal dilemma by approving a "medical marijuana" ballot
initiative..." Frankly, Mr. Farmer, if Big Government, (in whose service
you have worked), wasn't saddling the taxpayers and citizens with the
vicious, counterproductive, fraudulent policy of marijuana prohibition,
the voters wouldn't have to take matters into their own hands via the
initiative process. 

For your information, peer reviewed research clearly shows that cannabis
has profound medical applications, (including but not limited to),
curing or putting into remission two types of "fatal" cancers, slowing
the progression of multiple sclerosis, stopping epileptic seizures,
relieving asthma attacks, Attention Deficit Disorder and arthritis. 

The U.S. Government's own Institute of Medicine review of this issue
states that for many people, natural cannabis is the only medicine that
works. Peer reviewed studies also show that heavy, lifelong cannabis
smokers have the same rates of lung disease and levels of pulmonary
function as non-smokers. 

A DEA Administrative Judge has written that cannabis is the safest
pharmacologically active substance known to man. In point of fact,
cannabis has been at the very center of the human pharmacopoeia, since
the beginning of recorded history. Americans are being arrested,
imprisoned and in the case of the late, best selling author Peter
McWilliams, murdered, by "our" government's war on the sick and dying
who use cannabis to ease their suffering and extend their lives. 

Here's a novel idea for you, Mr. Farmer. Take marijuana and illegal
drugs out of the black market and into the light, where they can be
regulated. Or would gutting the black market in drugs of it's financial
value be bad for U.S. "diplomacy"? 

U.S. drug prohibition is racketeering, plain and simple. Interested
readers, should visit the Media Awareness Project, and for accurate
information regarding this important issue.
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