Pubdate: Mon, 23 Apr 2001
Source: Vancouver Sun (CN BC)
Copyright: 2001 The Vancouver Sun
Author: Don MacKay


The four-pillars policy to deal with drug addiction is commendable. 
However, if there is inadequate funding to build the concrete foundation 
required to support these pillars, drug problems will continue to ruin the 
lives of thousands and destroy the fiber of our communities.

Money must be spent, now. Get the social workers off the front lines and 
put some been-there-done-that people in leadership so they can cut through 
the political B.S. Time is wasting. People are dying. Treatment facilities 
are under-funded or non-existent.

At the same time all this touchy-feely talk is happening, governments at 
all levels are reducing funding to the few facilities that are actually 
treating addicts.

As a recovered addict/alcoholic, I wish to inform unsuspecting politicians 
and members of the public that methadone is every bit as addictive as 
heroin, if not more so. Some treatment facilities must be allowed to use a 
completely drug-free model for their programs. As long as addicts need a 
fix -- be it alcohol, Aspirin, Tylenol, heroin, methadone or whatever -- 
they are still practising addicts. Only when they have become free of drugs 
can they fully recover.EE

There must be room for all manner of treatment programs, including harm 
reduction. I can only hope that one day we will legalize drugs and treat 
addiction as the sickness it is.

Don MacKay

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