Pubdate: Mon, 16 Apr 2001
Source: Detroit Free Press (MI)
Copyright: 2001 Detroit Free Press
Author: Katherine Harris
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I'm surprised that teenage drug use warranted a front-page story and a 
two-page spread. ("In ecstasy's shadow: Innocence meets evil in a magnetic 
little pill as the stamp of an underground world of dancing and drugs 
creeps out of the dark," April 9.) That teenagers use drugs is old news. 
Now it's ecstasy they're using, and parents are scared. Should they be?

Why does ecstasy carry sentences five times heavier than heroin, when it's 
relatively harmless to our physical bodies? The search for dangerous 
consequences to ecstasy use has had experts scrambling for years, with no 
scientifically sound results.

Despite pages of half-truths and gross omissions, your story got one thing 
right when you called ecstasy "the perfect 21st-Century drug for a 
generation raised on Ritalin and Prozac." When parents, teachers and 
doctors would rather control children through medication, how do these 
children wake up?

Ecstasy jolts the user into awareness, and it is this awareness that 
parents fear. From birth, our children are told that they can change the 
world. And now, they are realizing that they truly can. Is this what 
everyone is afraid of? That this generation will create a world without the 
need for fear or hate?

Isn't that what we've all said we wanted?

Katherine Harris

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