Pubdate: Fri, 06 Apr 2001
Source: Contra Costa Times (CA)
Copyright: 2001 Contra Costa Newspapers Inc.
Author: Associated Press
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AUBURN -- A former gubernatorial candidate is participating in a
recall campaign against Placer County District Attorney Brad Fenocchio.

Steve Kubby and three other advocates of medical marijuana tried to
deliver a notice of intention to recall Fenocchio Wednesday, but the
county's top prosecutor at his office.

About 15,000 signatures are needed on a petition to recall Fenocchio,
a challenge Kubby said is "do-able."

Kubby was prosecuted last year with his wife for growing marijuana
with intent to sell. The trial on those charges ended in a mistrial,
but Kubby was found guilty of having a small amount of peyote.

Kubby ran for governor in 1998 on the Libertarian ticket.

Several lawsuits on similar medical marijuana arrests have been filed
against the county. One of the recall participants, Lyman Sanborn, is
suing the county in federal court over a 1999 raid. During that search
police found no pot and no charges were filed. 
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