Pubdate: Wed, 11 Apr 2001
Source: Herald, The (WA)
Copyright: 2001 The Daily Herald Co.
Author: Dean Habowski
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I believe that The Herald's March 30 editorial, "Drug property forfeiture 
doesn't need Olympia 'fix,'" is wrong, wrong, wrong! I no longer believe 
that this isn't relevant to the "drug problem." I see no difference between 
your position and supporting the death penalty, even though there is the 
possibility an innocent person may be executed.

Just because these laws are used primarily against alleged illegal drug 
cases, I cannot believe that this will remain the case. How long will it be 
before these laws are extended to such benign things as crimes against the 
environment or any other politically incorrect offences?

What is at stake here is no less than basic property rights and whether we 
can remain a free people. These laws give too much power to an increasingly 
oppressive, bureaucratic oligarchy and they cannot be trusted!

Dean Habowski, Marysville
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