Pubdate: Sun, 01 Apr 2001
Source: Redding Record Searchlight (CA)
Copyright: 2001 Redding Record Searchlight - E.W. Scripps
Author:  Eddie Agazarm


Editor:  In response to the editorial suggesting a stand down of marijuana 
related arrests and prosecutions. I would like to add that Proposition 215 
is not at all confusing. It is not a result of "proposition madness" which 
somehow allows poorly written laws to be passed by the voters. On the 
contrary it is as clear as a bell. Sick people in California can have, grow 
and use marijuana with a doctors recommendation, period.

The only confusion is caused by law enforcement attempting to regulate the 
number of plants or amount of marijuana. This is odd, as the law does not 
attempt to regulate the amount a patient may posses. Therefore law 
enforcement is over stepping their respective boundaries.

Does law enforcement attempt to regulate the amount of any other medicine a 
person uses with a doctor recommendation? Of course not. There is no such 
law, and, there is no such law to regulate the amount of marijuana a 
patient can use.  The law, as clearly written, allows as much as they care 
or need to grow or posses, period. End of story.

The district attorney in Shasta County should be subject to a recall for 
his harassing of patients. He has not upheld the law, as written. He has 
violated his oath, and committed a treasonous act. When the people vote a 
law, it is the law of the land. No local official has the authority to 
abrogate democracy, period. End of story.

Eddie Agazarm, Red Bluff
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