Pubdate: Mon, 19 Mar 2001
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I DO not encourage the use of drugs to anyone. That is a personal 
choice. If one makes that personal choice, I suggest sticking to the 
drugs found in the natural pool. My definition of drugs is any 
substance taken into the body other than water or food which causes a 
physiological or psychological change. I do not condone the use of 
any drug by any minor. I detest the fact that through ill-focused 
policy, our own government has created a profitable market for 
illegal drug trafficking rather than focusing on the violent 
offenders. I have two sons of my own and take the responsibility to 
ensure, as a parent, that my boys have the potential to approach the 
subject of drugs with responsibility and maturity. If they make the 
personal choice of using marijuana as adults, I hope they do so being 
fully aware of their surroundings and areas of responsibility.
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