Pubdate: Wed, 28 Mar 2001
Source: Vancouver Sun (CN BC)
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Author: Barry Carvish
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I take offence that Constable Colleen Yee of the RCMP drug awareness
unit believes the Marijuana party is being irresponsible for spreading
its view that people who enjoy cannabis should not be punished with
criminal charges (Pot party plans to run in all ridings, March 24). I
am not a member of the party, but I am glad that its exists as a voice
that will defend my rights and freedoms as a marijuana user.

The real issue is not the effects of this plant. The issue is my right
as a free individual to choose cannabis as a viable alternative to
drinking and other substances. Because I enjoy cannabis, I risk being
invaded by armed police forces trashing my home and criminalizing my
private actions. In a free and just society, these actions cannot be
condoned. They are a direct violation of my basic human rights. No one
has the right to dictate to me with which plants I may or may not interact.

The Marijuana party exists to stand up for these rights and to raise
awareness and counter the mass of propaganda that supposedly justifies
cannabis prohibition. Our youth will grow up in a better world when
vast amounts of police resources are directed toward fighting real
crimes, and not criminalizing private behaviours of consenting adults.
Our youth should know that there is a difference between cannabis and
crack cocaine. Lumping them into one category causes far more
misinformation and harm.

Barry Carvish

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