Pubdate: Fri, 09 Mar 2001
Source: Kelowna Capital News (BC)
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Author: Norm Siefken


To the editor:

Re: "Penalties for pot growers rising" Mar. 5 Capital News.

It was sickening to read that the RCMP are obediently bowing down to their 
American puppet masters and escalating the war on pot in Kelowna. They 
should listen to the people of B.C. instead. Seventy per cent favour ending 
this war against adults who prefer cannabis instead of booze.

$65,000 per year is wasted to incarcerate just one marijuana offender. 
Right now thousands of people are on waiting lists for operations and 
medical scans. We are told that the money just isn't there to run health 
care properly. Yet our government can waste millions of dollars every day 
to continue this dopey war on pot. How many billions more will be wasted 
before they realize that "victory" is an illusion?

Marijuana has become more popular than ever because it is a natural herb 
and much safer than booze.

The provincial and federal governments must take full responsibility for 
all of the fires and real estate damage done by growers. If they simply 
allow adults to grow their own cannabis outdoors the problem will be solved 

Norm Siefken, Chilliwack
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