Pubdate: Thu, 22 Mar 2001
Source: Seattle Weekly (WA)
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Author:  Mike Wiley, Marshall, Tex.


Thank you, Mr. Parrish! I agree that the sudden turnaround of former drug 
war hawks [Geov Parrish, "A diversionary tactic," 3/1] is hypocritical and 
galling. I also think that many of them need to be held accountable for 
their previous actions, in the same way that other war crime perpetrators 
have had to answer for their crimes against humanity. But right now I'm 
just happy that the American sheeple are finally waking up to what has been 
a decades-long assault on the Constitution, minority families, and 
individuals whose only "crime" was using substances that were unacceptable 
to puritanistic moralists like William Bennet. The winds of common sense 
are finally blowing. Breathe deeply!

Mike Wiley
Marshall, Tex. 
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