Pubdate: Thu, 15 Mar 2001
Source: Times Record (ME)
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Author: Rick Marsh


To the editor:

In response to "Two myths of the drug war" by Arthur Cannon (March 9), 
Bingo! Arthur hit the nail on the head. Our government is not truly 
interested in eliminating drugs from our country. Our prison system is big 
business and the one-line change in our conspiracy laws keeps this business 
highly profitable.

I am familiar with a drug conspiracy case from Bath a few years ago (May 
22, 1997, "Convicted drug dealer up for sentencing" and May 30, 1997, "New 
York man sentenced in Maine drug smuggling ring"). There was no actual 
evidence against Jeffrey Cressey other than the testimony of two drug 
dealers who received a slap on the wrist to "snitch" on him. Mr. Cressey is 
still in jail, away from his family, somewhere down south. Whether he was 
truly innocent only God knows.

The intention of prosecutors all over the country has to be questioned: Is 
it a conviction, another star on one's resume, no leeway in the use of 
common sense, not wanting to sleep at night over the guilt, pressure from 
the police, state attorney general, etc., that keeps this third-world, 
Gestapo-like attack on our basic liberties thriving in today's society.

Call your representatives in Congress. It could happen to you!

Rick Marsh,LaPlace, La.
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