Pubdate: Sun, 11 Mar 2001
Source: Athens Daily News (GA)
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Author: James Geeter


J. Gordon Lamb III's letter (March 1) illustrates how people blame others 
for things. First, in an impartial paper's print, it should not matter how 
the stories are laid out. Each story stands on its own merit.

A reminder to Mr. Lamb and the others who feel the way he does. This young 
person reportedly purchased and took illegal drugs and drank alcohol. He 
may have been dealing as well. While it is a tragedy that he died, it is 
not society's fault. No one made him take the first drug or the first drink.

I will say again, it is tragic, but what I am worried about is the innocent 
people who are hurt by this behavior. The accident victims, or the girl's 
beverage that someone may slip a drug into.

What I really think is tragic is that this person had so much potential in 
his day and age, where any dream can be realized if you put your mind to it.

What I think is tragic is that apparently he did not care enough about life 
to respect it.

And what I think is most tragic, his supplier, if ever caught, will 
probably not be charged with murder, will serve some time and then get out. 
If not caught, how many more people will be hurt.

What I am saying is, society does not create problems. People create 
problems with their choices. I choose not to do drugs, nor do I have 
sympathy for those who do. And Ecstasy is one of the worst; right there 
with crack and cocaine.

So, kudos to the paper, job well done. Great stories. I enjoyed the (music 
promoter) ambulance one too. Nice to see something positive on the front 
page every now and then.

James Geeter
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