Pubdate: Tue, 06 Mar 2001
Source: Watertown Daily Times (NY)
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Author: Kelli Hogan


To The Editor,

In response to DA Richards letter....The people who are in favor of 
decriminalization and legalization are gaining momentum and aren't going to 
be slowed downed for lack of a North Country DA's validation.

Not all convicted felons are in prison because the were dealing heavily or 
caught with large amounts.Quite the opposite and the reason for my 
opposition of harsh drug laws.

If caught with even a gram of marijuana you will go to jail lose your car 
and pay ridiculously heavy fines.Contrary to the DA's statement they don't 
offer marijuana rehabilitation..before they send you to jail.So this venue 
isn't even approached its just jail. Now why would the DA want to mislead 
the publics trust in such a deliberate way sounds like politics to me.

I'd like to know what harm to society he thinks marijuana would cause if he 
didn't get these dangerous potheads off the street? Are our streets really 
any safer now that ol' uncle Joe is in the big house? This is as archaic as 
the Reefer madness film .

The D A wants to link marijuana to the reasons people steal and commit 
violent crimes,more fabricating. People who are violent do violent acts. 
People who have larceny in their hearts steal.They may drink coffee and 
smoke cigarettes too but we shouldn't shift the blame to the scapegoat.

Also I would like to comment on the D A accusing all those involved in 
fighting for just laws and personal freedoms..of being users and 
dealers.Now if Mr. Richards were inclined to be a contemplating man he 
would realize that the dealers have the most to lose, if marijuana were 
legal they wouldn't have a black market would they? Prohibition has never 
worked and still isn't working.

Kelli Hogan, Potsdam , New York
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