Pubdate: Tue, 06 Mar 2001
Source: Oldham Evening Chronicle (UK)
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Author: 'Go Dutch'
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How refreshing to read Robert Sharpe's letter about the abject failure of 
Britain's drug policies (February 26)

Many of Robert's sentiments were echoed in last year's report on the Misuse 
of Drugs Act by the Police Foundation (the Runciman report), the 
recommendations of which were flatly rejected by our misguided Government, 
despite being modest in their scope for drug law reform.

It is no coincidence that countries like Britain and the United States, who 
have the most repressive cannabis laws, also have the worst drug problems. 
Until such time as prohibition and punishment are replaced by regulation 
and harm reduction, Britain's drug policy will continue to fail at both 
national and local level.

Oldham's voters can do their bit to bring about much needed change by 
turning their backs on Labour and the Tories at the next election. I'm sure 
both the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats would promote more 
progressive policies in this area.

I would disagree with Robert on one item.  He says that "cannabis is 
arguably safer than legal alcohol".

I disagree.  With one in eight deaths of men under the age of 30 
attributable to alcohol abuse, there can no longer be any argument.

Cannabis is a much safer drug.

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