Pubdate: Mon, 05 Mar 2001
Source: Frederick News Post (MD)
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Author: Steve Helms
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I am writing in response to the letter to the editor from Christopher
Petrella ("No marijuana for sick people," Feb. 24). I too was a
staunch Republican, but during the last election the only Republican I
voted for was one who had sympathy for those in pain and who, I
believed, would eventually support a medical marijuana bill here in

Although I do not know Delegate Louise Snodgrass, it appears that she
still has her own mind and expresses it, since the Republican party in
general does not support medical marijuana. I applaud her for her
actions and her guts in supporting a bill not supported by her party.

For the terminally ill whose suffering cannot be relieved even when
morphine is used, for those in chemotherapy that do not respond to
anti-nausea drugs and for those with spastic disorders like MS, I see
no problem with prescribing medical marijuana if it can help these
patients. Even the drug czar's 1999 Institute of Medicine study said
medical marijuana should be immediately made available to those with
certain afflictions.

I believe Mrs. Snodgrass supports a bill that shows that we have a
caring and compassionate society. If her bill passes, the can of worms
that Christopher Petrella fears can be resolved as it has in several
other states or as it is being addressed in Canada.

I would ask that Christopher spend some time with those suffering from
afflictions that do not respond to currently available medications,
that he review the 1999 IOM study and that he talk with some of those
who have found relief with medical marijuana and then see if he still
believes medical marijuana is such a bad idea.

Southlake, Texas
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