Pubdate: Fri, 02 Mar 2001
Source: SF Weekly (CA)
Copyright: 2001 New Times Inc
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Author: Chuck Dalehouse
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Duuuuuuude, your article and viewpoint are so lame. In the sentence "Like 
other practitioners of the Politics of Base Urges -- gun nuts, death 
penalty advocates, etc.," you forgot the category to which you belong: 
journalists who try to sway others with absurdly misguided views.

You are clearly trying to place pot smokers in the same category as 
violent, gun-wielding thugs (witness your Rambo illustration, bursting from 
a jungle of hemp, or the statement "armed-and-dangerous marijuana 
entrepreneurs"). Trying to scare readers into thinking that those who 
inhale the "acrid smoke" of ganja are destined to commit violent acts on 
society is stupid.

Unless you are extremely ignorant, you may have noticed that people under 
the influence of marijuana are the most mellow, laid-back, and nonviolent 
folks you can find.

Have you ever considered demonizing the real drug that leads to the 
overwhelming number of roadway fatalities, violent crimes, and date rape? 
Perchance you have heard of this harmful but perfectly legal substance 
known as ... alcohol.

If what you say about Kamena acting as a fair official, allowing legitimate 
patients to possess medical marijuana, is true, then I agree she should not 
be recalled. However, to make your argument, you portray those who use 
ganja as stupid, lowlife losers bent on ruining society with lies and violence.

The technique you use is a common trait with weak journalism. You have to 
resort to sensational exaggerations to make a point, instead of using 
facts, logic, and good writing skills to convince readers.

Chuck Dalehouse,  Ingleside
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