Pubdate: Wed, 28 Feb 2001
Source: Colchester Evening Gazette (UK)
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Author: Don Barnard
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I  note, your views in your comment column on February 20 about the levels 
of drinking and drug taking.

I believe everyone knows that cannabis is dangerous addictive substances 
which turns out to be 'not all that dangerous' and 'not all that addictive' 
- -could this be the reason for the alleged disrespect for authority and 
rampant use of cannabis by all sections of society?

Does this also justify a 'relaxation' of the laws that would otherwise control?

I am told good laws should reflect the latest scientific understanding, be 
accepted by the public as fair, enforceable, consistent, and conform to 
international Human Right Law.

UK cannabis control policy fails on all counts and it is not therefore a 
realistic or a sensible goal of public policy!

If a good law is one that reduces misconduct, while a bad law results in 
increased infractions, then laws controlling cannabis raises the question 
that is too seldom addressed when considering policy on cannabis - Does 
social deviance lead to social controls, or do such controls result in 

No, today's climate does not justify  a 'relaxation' of the rules which 
would otherwise control. Rather, it necessitates a strengthening of the 
constitutional norms to safeguard reasonable exercises of personal liberty 
from unwarranted invasion, and to prevent uncontrolled hysteria from 
severely impairing our legislators.

Nothing promotes disrespect for authority more than unjust and unworkable 
stupid laws
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