Pubdate: Mon, 26 Feb 2001
Source: Hull Daily Mail (UK)
Copyright: 2001 Northcliffe Newspapers Group Ltd
Contact:  PO Box 34, Hull HU3 1XS
Author: Carl Wagner
Note: Headline by newshawk.


Sir Tony Blairs' not-so-new 'get the dealers' drug policy seems to
suggest that three men flogging a dead horse will succeed where one has

It has been made clear that present prohibition policy has been a
counter-productive and expensive failure.

This is supported by Home Office research and statistical information
and again calls into question the ability of the politicians to tackle
an issue which they so obviously have little knowledge or understanding.
Mans appetite cannot be curbed through legislation and current drug
policies cause far more problems than illegal drugs ever could. As Hull
has one of the worst drug/crime rates in the UK, I look forward to
hearing the views of local politicians with regard to this massive
social issue.

Carl Wagner
Legalise Cannabis Alliance
PPC Hull North
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