Pubdate: Tue, 20 Feb 2001
Source: Oldham Evening Chronicle (UK)
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Author: Pedro
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I was saddened to read in the Chronicle's 'Before The Courts' section (15 
February)  that a young man (19) had been incarcerated by Oldham 
Magistrates Court for two months.  His crime?  Growing a single cannabis plant.

Contrast this with the sentences Oldham Magistrates handed down to two 
violent criminals on the same day:  a.. Unlawful and malicious wounding - 
200 hours' community service.  b.. Unlawful violence, threatening to kill 
and carrying a weapon - 18 months' probation and community service. Should 
tax payers' money be wasted jailing non-violent, low level cannabis 
offenders?  The law is indeed an ass.

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