Pubdate: Tue, 20 Feb 2001
Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)
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Author: R.L. Root
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* Re "Medical Marijuana Backers Target D.A.s With Recalls," Feb. 12: 
When questioning the source of the recall funding, Marin County D.A. 
Paula Kamena asked, "Are these the people who sell drugs to our 
kids." A little common sense might show that the drug dealers Kamena 
speaks of would more likely support the disregard being shown for 
Proposition 215 by so many county D.A.s. It's this disregard that 
drives legitimate patients out of medical marijuana buyers' clubs and 
co-ops and into supporting black-market drug dealers.

Medical marijuana contributes to a better quality of life for 
thousands of sick and dying patients. It's too bad that so many whose 
vision is clouded by the drug war mentality refuse to honor the will 
of the people and allow patients their medicine. That will was 
expressed in the passage of Proposition 215 and is being further 
expressed with these recall drives.

R.L. Root

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