Pubdate: Mon, 05 Feb 2001
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Author: Harlan Green
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Kleber misreads the intent of Stephen Gaghan's comments about his friend. 
The screenwriter for "Traffic" gave a very balanced and compassionate look 
at the evils of the drug trade. The fact that said drugs were illegal 
enhanced the movie's message and his friend's "bad boy" image, as teenage 
smoking and drinking does for those younger than 18.

The drug trade is so profitable because it is forbidden, as every study has 
shown. And hard-drug users are a very small percentage of those addicted, 
which include smokers and alcoholics. Why cannot the puritans of this world 
understand such simple economics, instead of continuing to throw money at 
their concept of evil? There are brave voices in this country now speaking 
for legalization so that these truly sick people can be humanely treated. 
We forget so easily that Prohibition did not stop us from drinking, just as 
the war on drugs will not stop illegal drug use. Only its legalization will!

Harlan Green

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