Pubdate: Mon, 31 Dec 2001
Source: London Free Press (CN ON)
Copyright: 2001 The London Free Press a division of Sun Media Corporation.
Author: Jeff Wilbee


Regarding the story, Teen's family awarded $150,000 (Dec. 21).

It's a sad state of affairs that a family has to bring legal action against 
its provincial government to gain compensation for treatment that should 
have been readily available. One could understand if this were a complex 
medical procedure not yet available in Canada, but we are talking about 
addiction services, of which there is a great deal of expertise in our 

The public and the government have not paid enough attention to this very 
vital sector of our health-care system. It is not getting better. A 
recently released major research report warned drug use among students is 
on the rise. Without improvements, particularly for youth, more incidents 
such as the one report in this article will occur.

On the positive side, this case and recent stories about the drinking 
problem of Alberta Premier Ralph Klein are reported to be raising awareness 
of addiction problems in our society.

Jeff Wilbee

Executive Director, Alcohol and Drug Recovery Association of Ontario
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