Pubdate: Sat, 15 Dec 2001
Source: California Lawyer (CA)
Copyright: 2001, The Daily Journal Corporation
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Life has not been kind since we reported on his activities in May
(California, Esq., "Marijuana Users Strike Back").  As the founder of the
American Medical Marijuana Association, he had targeted a number of district
attorneys across the state for recall, claiming that they had abused their
power by harassing legitimate pot users.  But later in May his most visible
target, Marin County DA Paula Kamena, won a recall vote by a landslide. 
Then Kubby himself was forced to flee the country to avoid serving probation
for a misdemeanor peyote possession conviction.  The 54-year-old activist,
who ran for governor of California in 1998 as a Libertarian, now lives near
Vancouver and works as an independent video producer selling content to -- an online cannabis advocacy site -- among other outlets.  As a
matter of policy, Canada doesn't hand over misdemeanor fugitives, but
prosecutors here in California are petitioning an appellate court to boost
his conviction to an extraditable felony.  Meanwhile, Kubby's main beef
seems to be with the local Canadian weed, known as Island Sweet Skunk, which
he uses to keep the adrenal cancer that he suffers from in remission.  "It's
overfertilized and they pick it too early" Kubby grouses.  "It really
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