Pubdate: Fri, 21 Dec 2001
Source: Manchester Evening News (UK)
Copyright: 2001 Manchester Evening News


AN Italian Euro MP spent the night behind bars after taking part in a
Stockport campaign to change Britain's cannabis law.

Marco Cappato had followed in the footsteps of Cheshire Euro MP Chris
Davies by handing himself in at the town's police station while
brandishing a small amount of the drug.

But the MEP, from Milan, was held overnight after he allegedly refused
to sign his bail sheet. He was due to appear before Stockport
magistrates later today charged with possession of cannabis.

Moments earlier, north west MEP Chris Davies - who was arrested on
Saturday - appeared at the magistrates court where he pleaded not
guilty to cannabis possession.

Mr Davies, who opted to have his case heard before a jury, is
campaigning in support of Colin Davies, owner of a Dutch-style cafe in
the town who is in custody on drugs charges.

Chris Davies left the court to a round of applause from fellow

He said: "I will argue my case on the grounds that the laws should be

"I'm very pleased to have the support of my colleague from the
European parliament." Mr Cappato said: "The time has come for a
trans-national campaign.

"I think this is a necessary, non-violent way of protesting for a
change in the law. It helps to make people understand how wrong the
law is as it currently stands."
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