Pubdate: Fri, 21 Dec 2001
Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada)
Copyright: 2001 CBC
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OTTAWA - Medical marijuana specially grown in an abandoned mine in
Manitoba is ready for distribution to those eligible to use it for
medical reasons.

Health Canada said Friday the marijuana grown in the mine in Flin Flon
has been quality tested and is ready for use. The marijuana was grown
by Prairie Plant Systems for medical use.

A contract signed between Health Canada and Prairie Plant Systems
specified that the first supply be ready for Jan. 1, 2002. The
contract also specified that the THC level of the marijuana be a
minimum of five per cent.

"Marijuana from Prairie Plant Systems will be made available to
researchers and patients who have received licences to possess," a
Health Canada official said.

Health Canada rules say patients requiring marijuana can grow it
themselves, have someone grow it for them, or get it from Health
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