Pubdate: Thu, 01 Nov 2001
Source: Salt Lake City Weekly (UT)
Copyright: 2001 Copperfield Publishing
Author: Adam Wiggins
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I enjoyed Brenda Baird's balanced and well-researched piece "Pot Shots" 
[Oct. 18, City Weekly]. Too often, marijuana is portrayed by the media as 
harmful. More and more Americans are rejecting this propaganda and 
accepting that it is simply a recreational drug not unlike other legal 
highs such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. The fact that we waste our 
taxpayer dollars and our police officers' time arresting and jailing those 
who smoke a joint is pure folly. With the recent focus on national 
security, I think we can all agree: Let's send our police officers after 
terrorists, not our neighbors who choose to smoke a joint in the privacy of 
their own homes.

- -Adam Wiggins, Pasadena, Calif.
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