Pubdate: Wed, 12 Dec 2001
Source: Beloit Daily News, The (WI)
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Law Should Not Withhold Medically-Endorsed Treatment From Suffering Patients.

There's nothing ``soft on drugs'' about allowing seriously ill people 
to get relief.

And Wisconsin ought to admit it.

State legislators Frank Boyle, D-Superior, and Mark Pocan, D-Madison, 
have introduced a bill which would allow the medicinal use of 
marijuana for patients, if their doctor gave them a statement 
endorsing it. The bill is intended to help persons suffering from 
cancer, AIDS and other debilitating diseases to manage their pain and 
increase their appetites, the sponsors say.

Question: would that mean sick people sneaking down alleys to buy a 
bag from local pushers?

Answer: No. The bill also would allow nonprofit corporations to 
produce and distribute medicinal marijuana, under license and 
regulation by the Department of Health and Family Services.

This ought to be a no-brainer, but similar efforts have failed in 
Wisconsin in the past. Naysayers worry that it sends the wrong 
message, that the state somehow would appear soft on dope. And they 
worry that patients might not really be sick enough, anyway.

Please. Denying help endorsed by a doctor for people suffering the 
awful consequences of cancer, AIDS and like diseases, is just 
stubborn and cruel.

We don't advocate blanket legalization or over-the-counter marijuana, 
like buying a bottle of aspirin. But properly licensed, regulated and 
controlled by a physician, why not?
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