Pubdate: Tue, 11 Dec 2001
Source: Kansas City Star (MO)
Copyright: 2001 The Kansas City Star
Author: Greg Bacon


Thanks to The Star story on what crimes the FBI and other federal agencies 
have been dedicating resources to (12/4, A-5), what was once a suspicion is 
now fact.

And that fact is that the various intelligence agencies and their comrades 
in arms at the state level have squandered precious resources chasing pot 
smokers in their never-ending "war on drugs."

Can we finally have a sane discussion about whether we want the federal 
government to chase after pot heads or to go after the terrorists and mass 
murderers that use jetliners for bombs?

Or would you prefer to stick with the obsolete and discriminatory practices 
that now incarcerate tens of thousands of Americans for every bloodthirsty 

I for one want the feds to go after the true bad guys who have sworn to 
kill as many Americans as they can and not use finite resources to chase 
after adults in the comfort of their homes.

Or we can let the federal government continue to further eviscerate the 
Bill of Rights in the "war on drugs" while bin Laden and his ilk play havoc 
with people's lives.

Greg Bacon

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