Pubdate: Tue, 27 Nov 2001
Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Australia Web)
Copyright: 2001 Australian Broadcasting Corporation
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The Western Australian Government has been accused of being "soft on drugs" 
after declaring its support for heroin prescription trials and a relaxation 
of cannabis laws.

The Government today delivered its long awaited response to the Community 
Drug Summit which was held in August.

It has ruled out the recommendation for heroin injecting rooms, but has 
supported all the other recommendations including prescription heroin trials.

However, the Premier Geoff Gallop is not confident of the trials proceeding.

"The notion of the heroin trials should be part of our armoury and we 
should keep on the agenda but the fact of the matter is we can't do it, 
Western Australia, because the Federal Government has made it clear it 
can't happen," the Premier said.

The Government plans to decriminalise the possession and cultivation of 
cannabis for small time users.

The Opposition leader, Colin Barnett, says the Government is condoning drug 

"The message being given to the community is that cannabis is okay, it is 
extraordinarily damaging drug, the message is also to the community that 
having two plants is okay," Mr Barnett said.
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