Pubdate: Thu, 08 Nov 2001
Source: Foster's Daily Democrat (NH)
Copyright: 2001 Geo. J. Foster Co.
Author: Philip N. Brown


In response to "Stop the paraphernalia charade," I do not understand
the logic of the writer.

I am to understand that he really believes busting a small
businessperson for selling a bong is a "means to discourage drug
abuse." Perhaps we should start confiscating the aluminum can to stop
people from drinking beer.

As I remember from high school, almost anything can be used to smoke
pot; toilet paper rolls, bananas, banana peels, apples, coke cans,
aluminum foil and of course rolling papers (still legal).

To arrest these people is not only completely arbitrary and
capricious, its stupid. Does anyone think that some kid is going to
not buy a drug because he doesn't have a 3-foot bong to smoke it out

Instead of arresting these shop owners, the community should be
working with them; handing out drug and alcohol information, rehab
center information and local runaway and shelter information.

Lastly, why create yet another black market. The sad and beautiful
truth in America is that for commodities like drugs (and their related
paraphernalia) supply and demand will find each other.

Philip N. Brown

Tempe, Ariz.
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