Pubdate: Wed, 14 Nov 2001
Source: Register-Guard, The (OR)
Copyright: 2001 The Register-Guard
Author: Tom Connolly
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In the wake of much troubling recent news, many of us have found new 
appreciation for our community and sense of unity. This week we pause to 
gratefully acknowledge those who sacrificed to preserve our freedoms and 
democracy. It is in this context that I found three news items in the Nov. 
11 Register-Guard alarming.

On Nov. 6, Attorney General John Ashcroft directed the Drug Enforcement 
Administration to seek the termination of prescription licences of doctors 
who prescribe federally controlled drugs in assisted suicides. The 
directive is clearly targeted at the Oregon law, debated and passed 
overwhelmingly, which is designed to provide terminally ill patients with a 
choice in the circumstances of their own death.

This past week our community voted again to support construction of the 
West Eugene Parkway. Eugene City Councilor Betty Taylor declared that in 
spite of the majority vote, the results did not represent the will of 
Eugene because ballots were returned by just 43 percent of registered voters.

In late October the office of the Los Angeles Cannabis Resource Center was 
raided and closed by federal agents. The center was established after 
California voters overwhelmingly approved a medical marijuana initiative. 
Working with local government officials, the center provided marijuana to 
patients medically certified to use it for easing pain and nausea from 
cancer, AIDS and other serious diseases.

As we acknowledge this week the sacrifices our neighbors and relatives have 
made for our democracy, we are reminded that it is not just foreign 
ideologues who would arrogantly challenge it.

Tom Connolly

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