Pubdate: Wed, 14 Nov 2001
Source: Oklahoman, The (OK)
Copyright: 2001 The Oklahoma Publishing Co.
Author: Edward L Carson, Thelma Farha, Diana McElroy


TO THE EDITOR: Regarding "Surgeon faces license threat on drug report"
(news story, Nov. 6): Dr. Lori Hansen admitted her unfortunate
addiction to narcotic pain medications. No human being from whatever
walk of life is immune from the disease of alcoholism or drug
addiction. It doesn't discriminate itself to just poor, ignorant
people; no one who suffers from it should be locked away or stripped
of their livelihoods.

Compassion, counseling and treatment should replace the old ways of
incarceration and punishment. I'm sure Hansen is a kind, competent and
well-loved person. She should not be stripped of her medical license.
That would be the real crime.

Edward L. Carson, City

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TO THE EDITOR: Thank you for "Take Time to Care; Lori Hansen: Fairness, 
Restraint Needed" (editorial," Nov. 7). I agree, and I, too, hope and pray 
that she will get a fair shake.

Thelma Farha, City

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TO THE EDITOR: Much has been written and said about Dr. Lori Hansen in the 
past few days. A few years ago Hansen changed my life. I had spent many 
years embarrassed and ashamed of my appearance because of the lack of skill 
and the substandard care of another "physician." I benefited from Hansen's 
compassion and expertise.

I consider her as my friend and refer to her as "Lori" when sharing my 
experience and what she did for me. I will unshakably support her forever.

Diana McElroy, City
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