Pubdate: Wed, 14 Nov 2001
Source: Tahoe Daily Tribune (CA)
Copyright: 2001 Tahoe-Carson Area Newspapers
Author: Ray Carlson
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The confiscation of Patrick McMahon's plants and personal medicine in El
Dorado County, in spite of his presentation of his cannabis card to the
police shows a continuing pattern of harassment on the part of certain law
enforcement officials toward medical marijuana patients five years after
Proposition 215 was passed in California. What a coincidence that El Dorado
County is where the current district attorney turned loose the DEA against
his opponent Dale Schafer, who just happens to be opposing the incumbent.
What is even more telling is that no arrests or charges have been filed in
either case!

I would suggest to El Dorado County voters that they make a prudent choice
next March between an incumbent District Attorney who openly shows contempt
for the voters of California by citing "Federal Law" when his only rightful
jurisdiction is California State law, and one who supports the compassionate
use of medical marijuana as mandated by the voters. To me, the choice
couldn't be clearer. Since medical marijuana patients aren't going to get a
decent jury trial any time soon because raids are not followed by due
process, I would hope that El Dorado County voters unseat the incumbent and
send a message to other rogue District Attorneys in California.

Ray Carlson

Redwood City
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