Pubdate: Sat, 27 Oct 2001
Source: Guardian, The (UK)
Copyright: 2001 Guardian Newspapers Limited
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A majority of Britons believe cannabis should be legalised and sold under 
licence in a similar way to alcohol, according to a new poll.

Some 65% of those questioned, agreed it should be legalised and 91% said it 
should be available on prescription for sufferers of diseases like multiple 

The poll, carried out by Mori for the News of the World, follows the 
Government's announcement that the law on the drug has been eased.

While possession of cannabis will still be illegal, police will no longer 
be able to arrest those carrying it.

It will also be reclassified as a Class C drug, putting it in the same 
category as anti-depressants or steroids.

The poll says 56% of people aged 18-34 supported the plans. Only among the 
over-55s was there a majority opposed to them. Alcohol and tobacco were 
rated as more dangerous by 45% to 24%.

There were worries over users progressing to other more harmful substances 
such as heroin and cocaine.

Some 47% said cannabis led to harder drugs, 41% said it does not.

A majority of those quizzed (53%) said the proposed change in the law would 
make no difference to the number of people taking cannabis.

Just 6% admitted having used it themselves, and 97% claimed that they would 
not use it in the future. Mori interviewed 603 Britons aged 18 or over on 
October 25 and 26.
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