Pubdate: Fri, 19 Oct 2001
Source: WorldNetDaily (US Web)
Copyright: 2001, Inc.
Author: Steve Kubby
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Note: Steve Kubby is the founder of The American Medical Marijuana
Association and played a key role in the passage of California's Prop. 215,
the statewide initiative legalizing medical use of cannabis.


Everyone's talking about terrorism these days, but my family and I have
experienced terrorism up close and personal. We survived our terrorist
attack and, in the process, we learned a great deal about how
state-sponsored terrorism actually operates in America today.

In our case, our home was invaded early in the morning. We were robbed at
gunpoint and then kidnapped. These terrorists even tried, though
unsuccessfully, to extort $200,000 (in bail) from us. Worst of all, these
terrorists had badges, and were empowered by laws that were originally
passed to be used against "drug lords." Despite the fact that we were
lawfully exercising rights granted to us by a medical marijuana law we
helped to pass, we found ourselves facing 19 criminal counts. 

After two and a half years and a quarter of a million dollars in legal
expenses, a jury acquitted us and we regained our freedom, but little else.
Even though we had proved our innocence, none of the terrorists involved
were ever punished for this illegal raid, nor was any of the property stolen
from us returned, not even the data off of our computers. But we survived
and sought an escape from such terror in the freedom and wildness of British

>From the safety of Canada, we now watch in horror as America's police and
military are handed the keys to the country. Because of our experience with
"drug lord" laws being used against our family, we understand that, with the
passage of the "U.S.A. Act," the Constitution has effectively been suspended
and martial law imposed.

Our leaders assure us that Congress is standing up to terrorists by passing
this law, but just the opposite is true. Congress is refusing to stand up
for the freedom and rights that are the heritage of all Americans. Congress
is failing to use its constitutional power (and fulfill its constitutional
obligation) to check and balance the other branches of government. Cowering
before the police, the military and public hysteria, Congress is bartering
away our rights.

The USA Act may be the greatest act of appeasement since Chamberlain waved a
piece of paper in the air and told the British they were safe from Hitler.
Congress has just handed over unprecedented and unconstitutional powers to
the police. Have we forgotten that these are the same police who just a few
months ago were making headlines for violating human rights, profiling
minorities, placing a third of black males under the control of the criminal
justice system, and planting guns and drugs on innocent young men in Los

No one has the right to barter away rights guaranteed by the Constitution.
Yes, it's horrific that 5,000 innocent people were so brutally slaughtered
on Sept. 11. But what about the hundreds of thousands of brave American
patriots who willingly gave their lives to defend the guarantee of
inalienable rights? Who will speak up on behalf of these brave patriots who
paid the ultimate price to preserve our heritage of freedom?

The American patriots that created and bravely defended our Constitution and
Bill of Rights deserve to be heard. If they were alive today, they would be

Benjamin Franklin would remind us: "They that can give up essential liberty
to gain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety," and,
"Wherever liberty dwells, there be my country."

Wise old Thomas Jefferson would then raise his voice and with calm firmness
explain that rights are indivisible and can never be separated from us by
any law or government. "A free people [claim] their rights as derived from
the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate."

Then a hush would fill the air, as everyone turned and faced the great
general and first president, George Washington. The assembled patriots would
all show their deeply-held respect for Washington, an American legend, whose
death inspired the proclamation, "First in war, first in peace, first in the
hearts of his countrymen!"

The founding father of the United States of America would then speak
directly to every citizen in America and repeat the warnings he issued upon
leaving the White House: "Over grown military establishments are under any
form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as
particularly hostile to republican liberty ... Government is not reason. It
is not eloquence. It is a force, like fire: a dangerous servant and a
terrible master."
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