Pubdate: Tue,  2 Oct 2001
Source: Galveston County Daily News (TX)
Copyright: 2001 Galveston Newspapers, Inc.
Author:  Dean Becker


When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the steel for the bombs came from 
the United States.  Only with the beginning of war did US mills stop 
providing cheap steel for Japanese tools of destruction.  There were great 
lamentations about US government encouragement of this trade. Sixty years 
later, we have again empowered our enemies.

Following the recent suicide bombings, House Speaker Dennis Hastert formed 
a task force to combat drug trafficking, which he called "the financial 
engine that drives many terrorist organizations."  Rather than ending the 
87-year-old drug prohibition, (which would leave our enemy with a worthless 
stockpile of vegetables,) the efforts of the task force have already 
managed to raise the price of drugs, to further empower our enemy.

Sixty years ago, liberty was assured by the acumen of our great 
leaders.  Our current leadership remains steadfast in their desire to fill 
the pocketbooks of criminals, drug lords and our terrorist enemies.

Dean Becker Houston, TX
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