Pubdate: Thu, 06 Sep 2001
Source: Oregonian, The (OR)
Copyright: 2001 The Oregonian
Author: Edward Glick
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The media furor over one Oregon physician who has provided documentation 
allowing many qualified patients into the Oregon Health Division's medical 
marijuana program is being misrepresented by mainstream media.

The issue goes far deeper than just Phillip Leveque, D.O. He has chosen to 
put his medical license on the line out of compassion for patients who have 
been shunned by their physicians, state medical organizations and now, 
apparently, the Oregon Health Division.

The medical establishment in Corvallis is a case in point. There are few 
physicians there willing to sign the legally required form allowing access 
to the medical marijuana program for their patients with debilitating 
medical conditions. Instead, doctors and medical practices have quietly 
decided not to participate in the registry program, or to refer those 
patients to someone who will.

This abandonment of patients undermines the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act 
because the registry program remains the safest (though not only) option 
for Oregon's cannabis-using patients. Instead, most Corvallis physicians 
would rather prescribe dangerous and addictive pharmaceuticals.

EDWARD GLICK Registered nurse Monmouth
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