Pubdate: Thu, 30 Aug 2001
Source: Mirror (CN QU)
Copyright: 2001 Communications Gratte-Ciel Ltee
Author: Lyle Howard Seave


Unlike most people, I don't blame the Young Quebec Liberals for their 
archaic views on marijuana [Insect, Aug.16]. After all, they are going to 
one day become the perfect little drones who'll eventually lead us to that 
brave new world called status quo. No problems with the idealism of youth here.

I do find it disgusting that the man who wants to be king, Liberal leader 
Jean Charest, doesn't seem to care about the wishes of the people he wants 
to represent.

Decriminalization of marijuana is extremely popular among Quebecers and a 
May poll (Leger Marketing) showed that even outright legalization is 
supported by half the population.

When it comes to the Neverendum, the Liberals talk about respecting the 
will of the majority. It's a shame that they don't believe in this concept 
when it comes to marijuana.

As well, I suggest that every Quebecer who has ever been arrested for 
possession of pot (over 30,000 still get arrested for possession in Canada 
every year) write the U.S. consulate in Montreal and remind them that Mr. 
Charest admitted to smoking pot. That admission alone is reason not to be 
allowed to enter the U.S. (actually, having a hemp or vegan sticker on your 
car is enough).

Maybe when Mr. Charest is barred from entering the Excited States, like so 
many of our citizens, he'll hear the voices of the people.

It must be somewhat embarrassing to Mr. Charest that stodgy Joe Clark 
appears to be more open-minded and hip. And using the discredited "gateway 
theory" suggests that Charest should travel to Europe this fall to study 
new drug reform policies instead of repeating cliched Drug War rhetoric.

Lyle Howard Seave
Drug Reform Policy Activist
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