Pubdate: Fri, 17 Aug 2001
Source: Prince William Journal (VA)
Copyright: 2001 Prince William Journal
Author: Paul Miller


Thank you for your Aug. 13 article on the Gary Reams campaign ["Candidate 
pushes his 'reeferendum'"]. I'm glad Reams is running this year because 
marijuana reform should be on the table for discussion, as the prohibition 
is causing far more harm than the plant itself.

As a parent, I would rather see marijuana for sale in state stores than in 
schools. I don't believe it is a gateway drug (an opinion I formed after 
reading the 1999 federally commissioned study, "Marijuana and Medicine"). 
But I do believe the illegal marijuana industry is the prominent gateway 
into organized crime.

We can't keep drugs out of prisons. Professional prison guards can't resist 
the associated profit motive. Why do we expect our 14-year-old children to 
be more resilient?

I'm glad to see at least one candidate talking about this problem we have 
created for ourselves. I'm also glad to see The Daily Journal covering the 
issue, despite the fact that the major party candidates won't discuss it. I 
guess the fact that organized drug dealers have recruited students in every 
high school and junior high school in the state just isn't that important 
to them.


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